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I'm a Christian singer-songwriter.  I'm bold, thoughtful, honest, compassionate, and fiery.  I love the Lord very much.  All of that shows up in my music.  I've been creating and writing, as well as singing at various venues for many years. It has been quite a journey, and I have a very interesting testimony! (I tell a little bit about it in the paragraphs below.) When I'm not doing music, I'm loving on my family, studying theology, and working in my garden. My purpose here on earth is spread whatever message God wants me to spread in whatever means necessary, whenever He says to do it.

Back in 2009, I started creating a double-disc album at a little home studio in Columbia, TN.  It was everything I wanted it to be.  However, I suffered from a wounded heart, and was disheartened from continuing in the Christian genre. As a result, I never released the project officially. Instead, for 7 years, I created music in the Americana genre.  I did well, won some awards for my songwriting, and was signed to a label.  

In August 2018, God pretty much told me to change directions. As in, change your stage name, leave the label, and change your genre.  He also told me to not charge for the albums, and not charge to minister.  Those were some hard decisions to make!  I wanted to quit altogether, but He wouldn't let me do that either.  It took me awhile to fully obey Him concerning this, but here I am two years later, releasing the albums that I created so long ago. 

The albums are about the Bride of Christ.  The first album, "beautiful." is about knowing God, and pretty much a worship album, in a psalmist way.  The second album, "burden." is straight-forward and challenging, meant to incite thought and prayerful change. To be the pure, spotless Bride of Christ, we have got to do some changing.  I'm including myself in this.  I find that I am always needing change in my heart, as I get to know how awe-inspiring the Lord really is.  

I'd love to share this message with your church or venue.  Please write me at the e-mail below, if you are interested.:


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